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Mayor Steven Reed Signs Executive Order Requiring Face Coverings

June 19, 2020

Mayor Steven Reed Signs Executive Order Requiring Face Coverings

On June 17, 2020, Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed signed an executive order requiring that all individuals over the age of 2 years wear face coverings in masks in all public places, which goes into effect at 5:00PM on June 19, 2020. The order does set forth a caveat that masks should be worn by those “who can medically tolerate doing so when in public places.” Public places include any space indoors that is not a personal or private residence or a motor vehicle. Individuals will only need to wear a mask outside in gatherings with 10 or more people where a 6-foot distance cannot be maintained between individuals. Furthermore, Mayor Reed’s order defines mask or face covering as:


[a] device to cover the nose and mouth of a person to impede the spread of saliva or other fluids during speaking, coughing, sneezing or other intentional or involuntary action. Medical grade masks are not required; coverings may be fashioned from scarves, bandanas or other suitable fabrics. The mask must cover the mouth and nose of the wearer.


Section 2 of the Mayor’s Order sets forth the limited circumstances in which is not required to wear a mask in public:


  1. When outdoors (assuming less than 10 people are present and individuals can maintain 6 foot distance);
  2. In the privacy of one’s home or residence;
  3. Within one’s own vehicle or another’s motor vehicle;
  4. During individual outdoor exercise;
  5. Persons working alone in separate office spaces or in non-public workplaces where there is more than adequate social distancing;
  6. Patients in examination rooms of medical or dental offices or clinics or hospitals where there is a necessity to examine or treat the mouth or nasal area;
  7. When wearing the face covering or mask poses a greater mental or physical health, safety, or security risk;
  8. When eating or drinking in public at a restaurant, bar or other food or beverage establishment. However, a mask or face covering must be worn when entering or exiting the establishment.


Those who violate the Mayor’s Order are subject to a fine of $25.00.


Please note the Mayor and members of the City Council have been handing out free masks to member of the public. Additionally, several groups have planned future mask giveaways in June.


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